Thursday, June 10, 2010


sorry for the lack of posts lately. i might try to start posting again now that club season is upon us and exciting things are happening (or so usa ultimate tells me). i'll start off with some links to tips on marking. personally i prefer having some space when i'm marking so i have more time to react and less chances to foul. a lot of people would rather play a physical mark and slow the game down with fouls though. it certainly works for some people, but not me. one thing i'm trying to work on is varying the distance between me and the thrower during the count to be less predictable (and not bail people out late in the count). it's important to put pressure on the thrower late in the count and take away as many throws as possible while not being close enough to foul, and that's a tough balance to find.
next week: zone defense

[link] - the huddle - some more advanced tips on marking
[link] - disc thoughts - marking and team defense
[link] - cultimate opinion - marks and breaks
[link] - ultimate thoughts - marking (comments on ben wiggins' seminar)
[link] - ultimate thoughts - the static side of marking
[link] - ultimate thoughts - the dynamic side of marking
[link] - ultimate thoughts - the importance of marking
[link] - ultimate thoughts - the importance of a mobile mark
[link] - ultimate thoughts - improving mobility on the mark
[link] - ultimate thoughts - eliminating the holes in your mark
[link] - ultimate thoughts - spacing during the mark
[link] - ultimate thoughts - staying balanced on the mark
[link] - ultimate thoughts - emotional defense and the mark

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